A hassle-free holter alternative for your private practice.

Our 24h Flow provides private practices with accurate and reliable short-term ECG monitoring, without the drawbacks of traditional holter monitoring.

Byteflies cardiology for private practices
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What issues do you face with traditional holter monitoring in your private practice?

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High upfront investments and downtime.

High upfront purchasing costs and low patient volumes make it difficult to get a return on your holter investment.

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Time intensive annotations and holter management.

They take a while to set up, often require you to annotate the data yourself, and need to be prepared for the next patient.

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Patient discomfort and adherence.

They are uncomfortable for patients due to their bulkiness and many cables, which can lead to lower patient adherence.

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24h Flow

A hassle-free alternative for 24 hour holter monitoring.

Patients leave your practice wearing our accurate yet comfortable multi-lead ECG patch and a pre-paid envelope. 24 hours later, patients send the dot back to us through the mail.

Once the ECG patch reaches us, our AI & team of trained annotators annotate the data. The resulting insights are of the highest quality, and are made available in your clinician dashboard.

Data and insights collected:

Atrial fibrillation
Tachycardia (VT, SVT)
Ventricular ectopies
Supraventricular ectopies

Data and insights collected:

Atrial fibrillation
Tachycardia (VT, SVT)
Ventricular ectopies
Supraventricular ectopies
Patients are monitored during their daily activities.
Relevant diagnostic insights are derived from the data.
Ready-to-use devices at any time, at no additional cost.

Inventory management, maintenance, support... we’ve got you covered.
Pay per patient you monitor. One price, no hidden costs.

Why leading cardiologists use 24h Flow

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24h Flow
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Holter monitors
Holter monitor image
Upfront investment
~4000 € / holter
*local reimbursement policies apply
*local reimbursement policies apply
License costs and logistics management
Included in price
~2000 € /  year
Known cost of 24 hour monitoring
Varies per country. Available upon request.
Depends on usage, depreciation, ...
Scale your stock up or down according to need.
Limited to your holter inventory
Potential over- and under-utilization
Comfort and quality of life for the patient
Raw data available
(2 channels)
(multiple channels)
Included in service
Self-managed and/or via third-party software
Logistics, cleaning, repair
Included in service
Self-managed and/or via third-party software

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We take quality, privacy, data security, and data governance seriously.

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Quality Management

ISO 13485 & FDA 21 CFR Part 820 compliant

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MedDev Certification

CE marked MDR 2017/745 and FDA 510(k) cleared

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Data Privacy

GDPR 2016/679 and HIPAA compliant

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